Sunday, October 9, 2011

Fashion Repeats

“As the leaves begin to change so do the colors in your closet.” –Tiara Myrick

When fall begins to emerge so does the fashions within its regions. The new trends for fall or any season are as you know steady changing or being created. The creators undoubtedly get their inspiration from previous generations or different decades in style. The irony is that we see some of our parent’s old clothing and think that it’s “whack” “lame” or “cheesy”. But the fact of the matter is that all fashion is a continuous repeat and will keep on repeating. But fall is a particular season where this cycle continues to repeat itself.

Some examples of fashion repeating itself are a sudden trend of high waist pants or shorts. This trend first started in the 60’s. Back in the days of civil right movements and the press and curl. When I first seen my mom put on her high waist shorts from back in middle school I was quite disturbed. But when I see a pair on sale at the store Urban Outfitters I fell in love. And this is just one of many examples of how style seems to recycle. Another quick example are the blazers with the shoulder pads, this style was first rotated into fashion in the 1980’s. The 80’s was a wonderful time for fashion and is the most recycled fashion era of all.

Fashion is something that never dies, can never be defined, or can never be explained.  Many eras have been recycled and turned into the “trend” of the season. It just takes one person to make a trend with their own individual style. Hopefully you will have the fashion sense  to make your style something that can be recycled in the future.